Hello! We are the Charge Forward Crew, or "ChargeCrew" for short. Here you can learn a little bit about each of us, what we do, and why we're here!

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Howdy! I'm Caleb Matthews: Amateur Hammered Dulcimer Player, Sesquipedalianist (person who uses big words), and Founder and President of Charge Forward.

I have always had a passion for computers and, after spending two years researching Explainable Artificial Intelligence at Oregon State University, I found that I had a knack for them as well.

Since then I've sought to provide better access  to technology for students and, to achieve that goal, I founded Charge Forward.


Hello! My name is Micah Matthews. I am a high school Sophomore, and hardware developer at Charge Forward.

I'm a student athlete and musician who enjoys playing disc golf. Growing up, I was never a person for working on technology, but puzzles fascinated me. To my surprise, building computers from scratch is a very similar process (with just a few more wires!) and I've loved working on them since then.


This is how I choose to help my community. 



Hi! I'm Cody Hansen, Organizational Manager for Charge Forward.

I'm a senior at Philomath High School and (thanks to my parents and their careers) I have been involved in many projects similar to Charge Forward, such as fundraisers and charity events.


I believe this organization has the potential to make a lasting difference in our community.

Dristi Patel

Hey! My name is Dristi Patel, and I manage product design at Charge Forward.

I'm a sophomore in high school and I am involved in student government and the robotics team.

I believe that Charge Forward is a unique organization that helps students in our community and the Earth as well. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a member of Charge Forward. I plan to learn more about computers to further address one of the biggest problems the education system faces today.



Well howdy! My name is Grant Hellesto, an avid cross-country runner, and one of the videographers and graphic designers here at Charge Forward Incorporated.

I joined this project because I am passionate about community, and bringing people, especially my peers, together. 


Hey, what's up everybody? My name is Caleb Shaw, and I'm a video content creator both in my personal hobbies, and here with the #ChargeCrew.

I make videos because I love to share good news and personally, I think Charge Forward is wildly good news for students and families alike.  Feel free to stop by YouTube and see my channel! (It's a wonderful place to find more drone shots like our intro video!)

Desert in Dark
New York Office

Sai Raja

What's poppin'? My name is Sai and I'm the Programming Manager here at Charge Forward.

As a leader in my community, I am known for my ambition, open-mindedness, and perfectionism.

I'm always looking for opportunities to better the future through business and technology, and Charge Forward is a great way to do just that.

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